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Crack Ships: Brother Aidan by WhiteFangKakashi300 Crack Ships: Brother Aidan :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 9 7 Babysitting the Cubs by WhiteFangKakashi300 Babysitting the Cubs :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 28 10 MLP Apple family tree by WhiteFangKakashi300 MLP Apple family tree :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 33 30 Sketchdump: Older Aidan expressions by WhiteFangKakashi300 Sketchdump: Older Aidan expressions :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 10 8 Moira by WhiteFangKakashi300 Moira :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 19 14 Brothers of Clonmacnoise by WhiteFangKakashi300 Brothers of Clonmacnoise :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 17 9 Sketch dump: SOK Women body types by WhiteFangKakashi300 Sketch dump: SOK Women body types :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 10 10 Attack on Kells: Fantasus Titan by WhiteFangKakashi300 Attack on Kells: Fantasus Titan :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 10 13 Attack on Kells: Aidan Titan by WhiteFangKakashi300 Attack on Kells: Aidan Titan :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 17 17 Family Tree: Brendan by WhiteFangKakashi300 Family Tree: Brendan :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 14 16 I will Protect You with My Life by WhiteFangKakashi300 I will Protect You with My Life :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 26 14 Godfather Aidan by WhiteFangKakashi300 Godfather Aidan :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 13 15 New Commers by WhiteFangKakashi300 New Commers :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 19 15 Family Tree: Aidan by WhiteFangKakashi300 Family Tree: Aidan :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 13 8 Extended Family by WhiteFangKakashi300 Extended Family :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 17 29 Loathing full by WhiteFangKakashi300 Loathing full :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 21 12


tumblr ojnti1yUFl1vduvmmo1 1280 by FinnMedraut tumblr ojnti1yUFl1vduvmmo1 1280 :iconfinnmedraut:FinnMedraut 2 0 Commisson - Writter by RaeSalander Commisson - Writter :iconraesalander:RaeSalander 6 0 Scar and Simba by sarafina97 Scar and Simba :iconsarafina97:sarafina97 26 4 CM - Sacred Blade by mr-tiaa CM - Sacred Blade :iconmr-tiaa:mr-tiaa 111 14 Kopa and Vitani by Penda321 Kopa and Vitani :iconpenda321:Penda321 29 14 Cynder by DolphyDolphiana Cynder :icondolphydolphiana:DolphyDolphiana 214 13 Thunderlane and Rumble by mysticalpha Thunderlane and Rumble :iconmysticalpha:mysticalpha 224 9 BonScratch Adopt OTA - OPEN by unoriginaI BonScratch Adopt OTA - OPEN :iconunoriginai:unoriginaI 34 0 RavenDeLis Adopt OTA - OPEN by unoriginaI RavenDeLis Adopt OTA - OPEN :iconunoriginai:unoriginaI 36 2 DayLight Adopt OTA - CLOSED by unoriginaI DayLight Adopt OTA - CLOSED :iconunoriginai:unoriginaI 64 9 Tamatoa and Sebastian by Nippy13 Tamatoa and Sebastian :iconnippy13:Nippy13 157 7 The Mighty Hercules by Nippy13 The Mighty Hercules :iconnippy13:Nippy13 150 12 Edgelord by Orin331 Edgelord :iconorin331:Orin331 56 27


Crack Ships: Brother Aidan
After guessing what Aidan's kids would look like with Fantasus, Ceather, Brendan, and Aisling. I decided to take it a step further and throw in the rest of the brotherhood and girls to see what their kids would look like. 

Left to right

AidanXMatthias, AidanXSyrus, AidanXBernard, AidanXSimon,
AidanXBastian, AidanXHwan, AidanXJamhal, AidanXHector, AidanXConner,
AidanXZesiro, AidanXAssoua, AidanXCellach, AidanXTang, AidanXLeonardo, AidanXSquare,
AidanXFriedrich, AidanXSergei, AidanXBree, AidanXTessa, AidanXMadailien, AidanXAmber

Let me know what kid you like the most in the comments. ^^

The Secret of Kells (C) Cartoon Saloon
Tessa (C) :iconhikarionesa:
Madailien and Hwan (C) :iconbaymax2002: 
MLP Apple family tree
Since we finally got to see Applejack's parents for the first time, I figured I'd add them to the family tree. 
-------Goodbye Washington Apple and Sweet Apple, you were great OC's. 

I say this once and I say it again, but the apples breed like freaking rabbits. 

My Little Pony (C) Hasbro & Lauren Faust 
Sketchdump: Older Aidan expressions
Got curious about drawing Aidan's 80 year old self, since we didn't see much of him near the end.

The Secret of Kells (C) Tomm Moore & Cartoon Saloon
Fiona and Thomas's daughter, and Malachai's sister.
Moira was born deaf, which led more superstitious people in their village to believe she was possessed by a demon who took away her ability to hear or form words, accusing the child for not believing in god-- or her family for damning her. Fiona and Thomas were outraged, doing everything within their power to keep Moira close to them at all times, and keep her happy. Malachai became very protective of his little sister and would fight her bullies. She was very quiet and withdrawn, sensing the tense energy around folks whenever she was around.
When Thomas was murdered by the highway men, Fiona became too stressed out to take care of the inn, farm, Malachai and Moira. Even with Kierra helping out in secret, things had grown too dangerous for Fiona to raise her children. But soon she heard that Brendan had returned to Kells and Fiona felt it was time to return there. Leaving the inn and farm to Thomas's relatives.
Cellach and Brendan welcomed them back, but were saddened to hear about Moira's condition. It was as if she was trapped in her own head. Though a few monks were against it, Brendan decided to step forward and teach Moira some basic sign language after documents from an 8th century bishop had been stored in the archives to help the deaf and mute communicate. He helped teach her the alphabet through the signs as well as showing her images for her to draw for something more specific.
Life in Kells made her life some much better. She was finally treated like a human being and not a burden. Safe and sound at last, and finally able to communicate and even form a few words and names. Moira grew stronger and smarter, she'd help Fiona while Malachai was off with Brendan training. She even grew close with old Cellach, who had grown softer with age once he had recovered from years of depression. She and Malachai were like the grandkids he never had, and he was still a tad protective of them as he was with Brendan and Fiona. Moira loved seeing her brother draw and illuminate under Brendan's tutelage. By the time she saw the book of Kells, it was a sensory overload for her. She wished she could somehow live inside that book and feel that beauty.      


The Secret of Kells (C) Tomm Moore & Cartoon Saloon

Gravity Falls Meme

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 30, 2016, 2:27 AM
~stolen from @SporaticMaggotry

[x] You love mysteries, anomalies, the supernatural, etc.
[/] You're paranoid.
[ ] You seem to scream a lot.
[ ] You have an older twin sister. 
[ ] You care deeply about your sibling.
[ ] You consider your sibling to be your best friend.
[/] You get along extremely well with your great uncle. (Did until he passed away, didn't see him much though)
[x] You want to be taken seriously and seen as mature. 
[x] You're adventurous, smart, curious and a nerd.
[x] You've confessed your love to your crush.
[x] You have a birthmark. (a red one on my chest. My parents called it the strawberry mark when I was young) 
[ ] You've had at least one rival at one point.

Total: 6

[/] You're really energetic and bubbly.
[/] You're really silly. 
[ ] You love sweaters.
[ ] You're very optimistic.
[ ] You have a younger twin brother.
[ ] You care deeply about your sibling.
[ ] You consider your sibling to be your best friend.
[ ] You have an unusual pet. (I wish I did)
[x] A creepy kid has a crush on you. (A lot of them do)
[ ] You've had at least one rival at one point.
[x] You've had multiple crushes.
[/] You want summer to last forever.

Total:  3 1/2

[ ] You lie a lot.
[ ] You love insulting others.
[ ] You love money.
[ ] You hate showing affection.
[x] You have a secret soft side. (I wouldn't say "secret" though)
[/] You've hidden a mystery from everyone you know.
[ ] You have an older twin brother. 
[ ] You care deeply about your sibling.
[ ] You used to consider your sibling to be your best friend.
[x] You once had a fear of heights. 
[ ] You're not interested in the supernatural.

Total: 2 1/2

[x] You keep a journal. (Many to draw in)
[/] You have trust issues. (Now I do...)
[/] You're very adventurous. 
[ ] You're born with a rare birth defect.
[x] You love mysteries, anomalies, the supernatural, etc.
[x] You're adventurous, smart, curious and a nerd. 
[/] You're paranoid.
[x] You went to college. (Currently in College) 
[ ] You have a younger twin brother.
[ ] You used to care deeply about your sibling.
[ ] You used to consider your sibling to be your best friend.
[ ] You get along extremely well with your nephew. 

Total: 5 1/2

[ ] You call people 'dude' a lot.
[/] Most of your friends are younger than you. (Most are older)
[ ] You're extremely eager.
[ ] You live with your grandma.
[ ] You haven't seen your father in years. 
[ ] You're a handyman.
[ ] Your town is weird.
[ ] You love laser tag.
[x] You have a long-distance boy/girlfriend.
[/] You'll eat anything.
[ ] You're childish.
[ ] You're quite chubby.

Total: 2

[x] You seem to be very laidback.
[ ] You're rebellious. 
[ ] Your father is a lumberjack.
[ ] You're the oldest of your siblings. 
[ ] You'd give anything to be 12 years again. 
[ ] Living with your family stresses you out. 
[ ] Your ex-boyfriend wears goth clothes.
[x] Someone younger than you has a crush on you
[ ] Work is boring.
[ ] You have freckles.
[/] You have red hair. (In my roots)
[ ] You read magazines a lot.

Total: 2 1/2


[ ] People tend to avoid you for your incredibly crazy behavior. (God I hope not)
[ ] You've lost your sanity years ago.
[x] You went to college. (IN college)
[ ] You've forgotten a lot of things.
[x] You used to be very sensitive
[x] You used to be unable to handle things that are terrifying or alarming. 
[x] You're intelligent. 
[ ] You enjoy dancing ridiculously.
[ ] You make up odd words and phrases.
[ ] You can play the banjo. 
[x] You've seen terrible sights. 
[/] You're paranoid. 

Total: 5 1/2

[x] You know lots of things.
[x] You've been waiting for something to happen for a really long time.
[ ] You like messing with others.
[ ] You don't seem to care about anyone.
[ ] You have sadistic humor.
[ ] You've betrayed at least someone.
[ ] You like chaos.
[/] You're a quick talker and thinker. 
[x] You're mysterious.
[ ] You're very deceptive.
[x] You're eccentric.
[ ] You're insane.

Total: 4 1/2 

[x You have a crush on someone.
[ ] You tend to intimidate and manipulate others so you can get what you want.
[ ] You have a rival.
[ ] You're rude.
[ ] You like bossing around.
[ ] You're dominant over your parents.
[/] You're cunning and sly.
[ ] You're spoiled.
[ ] You're ungrateful.
[ ] You're selfish. 
[ ] You can be very rude and obnoxious. 
[x] You can be kind when you need to be.

Total: 2 1/2

[ ] You're rich.
[/] You're popular.
[ ] You've had at least one rival at one point.
[ ] You used to be arrogant.
[/] You hate losing. 
[x] You like singing.
[ ] You pretended to be the kind of person that you aren't.
[/] You're often pressured by your parents.
[ ] Your parents are controlling. 
[ ] You used to be afraid of the sound of a bell. 
[ ] Money makes problems go away.
[ ] You like mini-golf.

Total: 2 

Result: Dipper :icondipperplz: 

  • Listening to: movie soundtracks and random stuff
  • Reading: fanfictions
  • Watching: the secret of kells and a lot of other stuff
  • Playing: Sims 3
  • Eating: ramen and other good stuff
  • Drinking: milk, sprite, and coffee


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