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Lust II by WhiteFangKakashi300
Lust II
Themes: http…

Lust *goat*: Shala
Shala was an accent blood spirit who was sealed away 90 years by the Tuatha. But on one fateful day, Bellanos and his followers came upon her stone prison. The fomorian prince ordered a blood sacrifice to be preformed and the spirit was set loose from her prison and consumed the flesh of the offering. Once she set her gaze upon Bellanos she bowed before him and told him she was his to take. Bellanos found her amusing and thought she could be of use to him. After they made love for five days in a row, Shala joined him on raids in the form of a huge black mountain lion. At the end of each raid she'd gather the blood of their victims and bath in it, replenishing her beauty. She grew infatuated with Bellanos and was devoted to both serve and love him. It wasn't too long before she was blessed with twins, Kierra and Thanatos.  
They trained their children to follow in their footsteps, to show no mercy and leave no survivors. Their son, Thanatos happily obeyed them and took pleasure in watching people scream as he ripped their insides open. Their daughter Kierra however began to question why they had to kill innocent men, women, and children. No matter the stories and rules Bellanos and Shala reenforced, Kierra started failing during their raids. Thanatos grew to be Shala's pride and joy, and they'd go off on hunts, spar, and be showered with gifts. She tired reaching out to her daughter to help her adjust to their ways, but there was nothing she could say to convince her. Thanatos would then bully his sister and call her weak for having pity on mortal kind. For the only place for them was in the ground, rotting.
Frustrated, Bellanos gave his daughter one last chance to redeem herself, and brought before her three orphaned children. If she could kill all three of them in front of him, then she could prove her worth to their family. But Kierra merely stared down at the three… and attacked her father instead, ordering the children to flee. Bellanos was furious and beat Kierra almost to the point of death. He no longer saw her as his daughter, of she was just as much of a disgrace to his family like her aunt, Fantasus, and left her behind to die.
Shala was saddened by the lose of her daughter, but she knew it couldn't be helped. She loved Bellanos and Thanatos too much to give up what they had accomplished, and moved on.

Years passed and her son gone out with two guards to train. But he came back traumatized with their heads tied by their hair around his neck. Shala and Bellanos was shocked at the scene before them. While she tended to her son, Bellanos ventured out to find the monster who had done this. While she disposed of the decapitated heads of Thanatos's bodyguards and tried to clean the blood off, she dared ask who did this to him? Thanatos could only whisper "The pale man with half a face…" 
Bellanos returned enraged. Barael was in their territory and had spared his son to leave them a message to stay away. But that wasn't enough to convince them to back down. In the following days, Bellanos convinced Haraold Red Tooth to move their troops further into the woods of County Cavan. They were going to overthrow Barael's stronghold if it was the last thing he'd do. But the news only seemed to frighten Thanatos, he never left his mother's side and was beginning to lose his respect with their followers. However, they were ambushed on the way there, and Barael lured Bellanos away from the rest of their army. Shala wanted to go after him, but she couldn't leave her son. 
Days had gone by, and no word of her husband had reached them. Their followers were performing an on going search party for their King, but still there was no sign of him… Until one evening. Barael came, standing at the top of an oak tree holding the aged, bloodied, decapitated head of Bellanos. 
"Here lies your king!" He said, before vanishing into the shadows without a trace. 
Shala and Thanatos screamed out in agony and their followers cried in despair at the loss of Bellanos. Their leader in their rebellion was gone, his body in the hands of their new enemy, the Crom worshippers.
Slaughtadan urged Shala to have her son avenge his father's death. But Shala refused, after losing her husband she'd dare not have her son face his killer. Slaughtadan and the rest of their followers were starting to lose faith in their leaders. Their Queen was coddling her now cowardly prince. But Shala bid her time and poured her hatred into her son, training him to forget his cowardice. She'd avenge Bellanos's death, and wouldn't rest until they had Barael and Fantuasus's blood in their hands. 

Gluttony: Gluttony II by WhiteFangKakashi300

The Secret of Kells © Cartoon Saloon & Tomm Moore
Shala, Thanatos, and Kierra © :EbellVictoria: 
Barael © :icontheunflshedone: 
Gluttony II by WhiteFangKakashi300
Gluttony II
---I figured I should do the female Seven Deadly Sins of Kells too. ;p

Themes: http…

Gluttony *boar*: Selia
The youngest of Barael's three daughter's. She was so deformed she had to wear her skull mask all the time. Like her other two sisters, she was gifted with spells. The cult worshiped her as both the bringer and healer of the plague, she could give life and take it away by order of her father and her sisters. However, Selia was the most animalistic of her sisters, and would rarely speak unless addressed. She's also the most cannibalistic of the three, and would lure children into the woods with sweets. 
One fateful night, she and her sisters foretold of two monks coming upon their territory bearing something of value to them. Later, Sheena discovered one her traps was dismantled and sent out her headless horsemen, the dullahan out after the intruders. 
The hunt was called off as soon as Cormac and Riley discovered Brendan and Aidan and brought them inside. As soon as the sisters discovered they had one of Crom's eyes, Sheena and Selia wanted to kill them and claim it-- however Selia was more interested in eating them than anything else. But Sorcha grew curious about how mortal monks got the eye in the first place. Bararel agreed and ordered the two monks be taken alive. 
But before they could take them, the three sensed another presence in their woods, someone with more magical abilities. Sheena was sent out on the chase again, and discovered the daughter of Morrigan, Fantasus, in their territory. They fought, but Sheena soon found out she was no match for Fantasus. Sorcha soon came to her sister's aid, but even she was having difficulties with the fomorian princess. Just then Selia decided to play dirty and surprised Fantasus, when her sisters distracted her. They caught her and brought her back to their father in the cult. 
When Brendan discovered the eye had been stolen by Oran, Aidan had just caught wind of the news of Fantasus. But soon the two monks discovered they were in just as much trouble and tried to escape with Selia hot on their tale. Brendan managed to escape the cult with Pangur and the book, but Selia pounced on Aidan and imprisoned him with Fantasus.
The three daughters searched for Brendan in the woods, but couldn't find him. Instead the stumbled upon Oran with the eye and stole it from him. They returned with Barael to torture and interrogate Aidan and Fantasus. Selia got a thrill in lashing Aidan with a whip, for every new strike she got to taste his blood. Barael in the meantime took more interest in how a mere monk got a hold of such an artifact like the eye of Crom Cruach. Aidan confessed he wasn't the one who had taken it, but he refused to answer any questions regarding Brendan. Barael grew tired for the monk's stubbornness and unlocked Aidan's mind to see for himself. To his word, Aidan didn't take either of the eyes, but what Barael did find that parts of Aidan's mind was tampered with by magic. Patches of his memory was ripped out, and everyone soon discovered who had done it. Ciara. 
Fantasus shocked, she had no memory of Aidan and could only wonder why her friend had done such a thing. 
When Barael couldn't find anything else of interest, he decided to give Aidan a gruesome demonstration to see what the Eye of Crom Cruach can really do. To mortals, it was just a fancy magnifying glass. But to magical beings, it could absorb magic from other fae folk, and Barael decided to use it on Fantasus. There Aidan's cries went unheard as Barael started extracting Fantasus's magic and youth. She was screaming into their heads as she turned frail and old before them. Without warning, Aidan broke free from his bounds and tried to stop Barael. Sorcha then struck Aidan across the face with her whip, but the old monk stayed put shielding Fantasus with a soul piercing glare at all of them. Selia was more then ready to crush his head in her jaws, but Barael motioned her to stop and told his daughters with the eye, Fanatsus would be just the thing to resurrect Crom. Aidan will not only be a worthy blood sacrifice, but he would be prefect to lure his apprentice back to them.

Lust: Lust II by WhiteFangKakashi300

The Secret of Kells © Cartoon Saloon & Tomm Moore   
Selia, Sheena, Sorcha, and Barael © :icontheunfleshedone:
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Lies by WhiteFangKakashi300
Years later, after the murder of Abbot Matthias, Aidan returned to Kells as promised to Cellach. He had intentions of renewing their partnership with the book. However, being left under the shadow of blind Arsalan, his beliefs had shifted compared to when he was a boy. One day, he asked Cellach to accompany him to a part of the woods. There he lead him to the fairy ring and told him that elements of the carvings in the stones would be used in the next page in the book of Iona. Cellach was appalled by how Aidan admired the work of pagans--- and grew even more shocked to find a half of Aidan's family was pagan. Cellach refused to stay in the fairy ring and returned to the safety of Kells. Aidan, confused and hurt followed soon after. 
It was not too long when Cellach's sister, Ceather, payed a visit to her older brother. She even started catching up with Aidan, since it was years since they last saw each other, and here she was a grown woman. She would join him in excursions to the woods for indigents for ink and would stargaze during the night. They both admired each other dearly, but never acted upon their feeling due to Aidan's occupation at the monastery. 

Brutus was spying on Aidan and Ceather as they went into the woods and he noticed how they didn't come back for hours. He told this to Arsalan in the round tower what he saw since he found it odd. This gives Arsalan the idea to spread a rumor that Aidan had been making love with Ceather in the woods. He doesn't care if it's true or not, Arsalan is just so hellbent on ruining Aidan's reputation when it's at its most highest point. 

Word eventually reaches Cellach and he has no idea what to make of it. At first he didn't want to believe it, he knew Aidan had a crush on Ceather but thought it was a joke and never thought he'd act upon it. But the more he thought about it and saw how friendly they acted around one another, the more he began to suspect. However he was growing more concerned for the wellbeing of his sister; rumors like this could damage him and his family too, and began resenting Aidan. First the pagan influence-- and now he's sleeping with my sister!

Once Aidan and Ceather started hearing the rumors, the confronted Cellach and told him it wasn't true. But Cellach disregarded Aidan's claims, and thought Ceather was only trying to protect Aidan, disregarding her too. 
Heartbroken, Aidan tried to distance himself from Ceather to avoid disgracing her and Cellach any further. But Ceather reminded him if he runs away now it will only confirm the rumors. With that in mind, Aidan promised to find a way to help her-- though he wasn't sure how. 

Most men in Ceather's village caught wind of the rumors-- about the whore of Kells-- though they had no idea who this monk was. However things changed when a stranger from the north came. Bronach. He too was avoided like an outcast due to him being a former Viking. However the one person who dared come to him was Ceather and before they both knew it, Bronach fell in love with her. He even saved hurt from a pack of wolves when searching for food.
Aidan took notice and began watching over Ceather in case things turned ugly. But he could see Ceather was starting to have feelings for him too and decided to get to know him. Before long they became friends and Bronach educated him on his Viking background and folklore. When Aidan felt he could trust him enough, he shared what happened between him and Ceather at the abbey. Bronach was understanding and promised to love and watch over her as she deserved.  

In secret, Aidan had them married with the help of Ceather's mother, Torra, who was one of the few people to listen to reason. Aidan knew this would damage Cellach's trust in him even more, but he knew he had to help Ceather in her happiness. 

Later, Arsalan had caught rabies from a rat and plugged down the stairs of the round tower in his madness, breaking his skull and neck. It wasn't too long before Brutus hung himself from the cross of Kells, having no other purpose to continue on living when he's done so much wrong. At his feet he left a paper of his final confessions to the murder of Matthias and proclaiming the innocence of Aidan and Ceather. But by that time, it was too late for Cellach to truly make amends after discovering his sister was now married to a viking and Aidan had been behind it. Although he managed to forgive Ceather, he never saw eye to eye with Bronach and deep down still resented Aidan for causing such disgrace to his family. He still had a spark of jealousy that Ceather put her trust on Aidan instead of her own brother. 

It only got worse years later when Brendan and Aidan suddenly got closer. Like mother like son.   

The Secret of Kells © Cartoon Saloon & Tomm Moore
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Gravity Falls Meme

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 30, 2016, 2:27 AM
~stolen from @Monoceros-Babe

[x] You love mysteries, anomalies, the supernatural, etc.
[/] You're paranoid.
[ ] You seem to scream a lot.
[ ] You have an older twin sister. 
[ ] You care deeply about your sibling.
[ ] You consider your sibling to be your best friend.
[/] You get along extremely well with your great uncle. (Did until he passed away, didn't see him much though)
[x] You want to be taken seriously and seen as mature. 
[x] You're adventurous, smart, curious and a nerd.
[x] You've confessed your love to your crush.
[x] You have a birthmark. (a red one on my chest. My parents called it the strawberry mark when I was young) 
[ ] You've had at least one rival at one point.

Total: 6

[/] You're really energetic and bubbly.
[/] You're really silly. 
[ ] You love sweaters.
[ ] You're very optimistic.
[ ] You have a younger twin brother.
[ ] You care deeply about your sibling.
[ ] You consider your sibling to be your best friend.
[ ] You have an unusual pet. (I wish I did)
[x] A creepy kid has a crush on you. (A lot of them do)
[ ] You've had at least one rival at one point.
[x] You've had multiple crushes.
[/] You want summer to last forever.

Total:  3 1/2

[ ] You lie a lot.
[ ] You love insulting others.
[ ] You love money.
[ ] You hate showing affection.
[x] You have a secret soft side. (I wouldn't say "secret" though)
[/] You've hidden a mystery from everyone you know.
[ ] You have an older twin brother. 
[ ] You care deeply about your sibling.
[ ] You used to consider your sibling to be your best friend.
[x] You once had a fear of heights. 
[ ] You're not interested in the supernatural.

Total: 2 1/2

[x] You keep a journal. (Many to draw in)
[/] You have trust issues. (Now I do...)
[/] You're very adventurous. 
[ ] You're born with a rare birth defect.
[x] You love mysteries, anomalies, the supernatural, etc.
[x] You're adventurous, smart, curious and a nerd. 
[/] You're paranoid.
[x] You went to college. (Currently in College) 
[ ] You have a younger twin brother.
[ ] You used to care deeply about your sibling.
[ ] You used to consider your sibling to be your best friend.
[ ] You get along extremely well with your nephew. 

Total: 5 1/2

[ ] You call people 'dude' a lot.
[/] Most of your friends are younger than you. (Most are older)
[ ] You're extremely eager.
[ ] You live with your grandma.
[ ] You haven't seen your father in years. 
[ ] You're a handyman.
[ ] Your town is weird.
[ ] You love laser tag.
[x] You have a long-distance boy/girlfriend.
[/] You'll eat anything.
[ ] You're childish.
[ ] You're quite chubby.

Total: 2

[x] You seem to be very laidback.
[ ] You're rebellious. 
[ ] Your father is a lumberjack.
[ ] You're the oldest of your siblings. 
[ ] You'd give anything to be 12 years again. 
[ ] Living with your family stresses you out. 
[ ] Your ex-boyfriend wears goth clothes.
[x] Someone younger than you has a crush on you
[ ] Work is boring.
[ ] You have freckles.
[/] You have red hair. (In my roots)
[ ] You read magazines a lot.

Total: 2 1/2


[ ] People tend to avoid you for your incredibly crazy behavior. (God I hope not)
[ ] You've lost your sanity years ago.
[x] You went to college. (IN college)
[ ] You've forgotten a lot of things.
[x] You used to be very sensitive
[x] You used to be unable to handle things that are terrifying or alarming. 
[x] You're intelligent. 
[ ] You enjoy dancing ridiculously.
[ ] You make up odd words and phrases.
[ ] You can play the banjo. 
[x] You've seen terrible sights. 
[/] You're paranoid. 

Total: 5 1/2

[x] You know lots of things.
[x] You've been waiting for something to happen for a really long time.
[ ] You like messing with others.
[ ] You don't seem to care about anyone.
[ ] You have sadistic humor.
[ ] You've betrayed at least someone.
[ ] You like chaos.
[/] You're a quick talker and thinker. 
[x] You're mysterious.
[ ] You're very deceptive.
[x] You're eccentric.
[ ] You're insane.

Total: 4 1/2 

[x You have a crush on someone.
[ ] You tend to intimidate and manipulate others so you can get what you want.
[ ] You have a rival.
[ ] You're rude.
[ ] You like bossing around.
[ ] You're dominant over your parents.
[/] You're cunning and sly.
[ ] You're spoiled.
[ ] You're ungrateful.
[ ] You're selfish. 
[ ] You can be very rude and obnoxious. 
[x] You can be kind when you need to be.

Total: 2 1/2

[ ] You're rich.
[/] You're popular.
[ ] You've had at least one rival at one point.
[ ] You used to be arrogant.
[/] You hate losing. 
[x] You like singing.
[ ] You pretended to be the kind of person that you aren't.
[/] You're often pressured by your parents.
[ ] Your parents are controlling. 
[ ] You used to be afraid of the sound of a bell. 
[ ] Money makes problems go away.
[ ] You like mini-golf.

Total: 2 

Result: Dipper :icondipperplz: 

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  • Reading: fanfictions
  • Watching: the secret of kells and a lot of other stuff
  • Playing: Sims 3
  • Eating: ramen and other good stuff
  • Drinking: milk, sprite, and coffee


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