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Chastity by WhiteFangKakashi300
Alright, since I did both male and female seven deadly sins, I thought it was about time for the seven heavenly virtues.

Chastity *Unicorn*: Fiona

The Secret of Kells (C) Cartoon Saloon
Wrath II by WhiteFangKakashi300
Wrath II
Themes: http…

Wrath *Lion*: Sheena
The middle child of Barael's three daughters, gifted with great strength and bloodlust. She was the cults war goddess and would control enslaved souls of their sacrifices, the headless Duallhan, to do her bidding in protecting their territory and killing intruders. Though feared, the cult worshipped her and her protective magic to keep them safe inside. With more worthy sacrifices the more of an army they'll have. 
Sheena would set of traps for the day while she and the headless horsemen would claim them by night.
It enraged her to find one of her traps dismantled on one fateful day. Before her hunt, her sister, Sorcha informed her of a vision she had. Two intruders baring something of high importance to their god, Crom Cruach. After a thrilling chase, she managed to lure the two monks to Cormac and Riley, who took them into the cult's village. It wasn't too long before they found out the monks, Brendan and Aidan, were carrying the eye of Crom Cruach. It made Sheena's blood boil knowing such a powerful artifact was in the hands of two infidels and was no more than a fancy magnifying glass to them. Before she could hunt them down for her father, Barael, she detected another intruder in their territory. 
There she faced the fomorian princess, Fantasus. Sheena thought he was an honor to face such a worthy foe-- for she couldn't wait to take down Morrigan's next of kin. However to her shook, Fantasus was proving herself to be much stronger than her. Sheena was reaching her limits, when her older sister joined her in the fight, but even she wasn't enough to bring Fantasus down. Until Selia, their youngest attacked Fantasus, and all three of them brought her down. 
Once Fantasus was brought before the cult, Sheena and Selia began chasing down Brendan and Aidan. They tackled Aidan to the ground, but Brendan got away. But with the eye of Crom Cruach in their possession, they took their time in subjecting both Aidan and Fantasus to torture, even showing Aidan what the real powers of the Eye of Crom Cruach were truly capable of. 
He could only watch in absolute horror as the crystal eye began extracting essence Fantasus's powers and youth before him, turning her into a old, weak, woman. Sheena could only grin while she listened to his screams to stop. 

Sloth: Sloth II by WhiteFangKakashi300 Gluttony: Gluttony II by WhiteFangKakashi300 Lust: Lust II by WhiteFangKakashi300 Envy: Envy II by WhiteFangKakashi300 Pride: Pride II by WhiteFangKakashi300 Greed: Greed II by WhiteFangKakashi300

The Secret of Kells © Cartoon Saloon & Tomm Moore 
Sheena, Sorcha, Selia, and Barael © :icontheunfleshedone:  
Sloth II by WhiteFangKakashi300
Sloth II

Sloth *Donkey*: Sorcha
The eldest of Barael's daughters, blessed with the gift of foresight. Taking after her father, Sorcha was seen as wise by the cult, but she was a skilled manipulator. She became a soothsayer to the cult, folks would bargain with her to see into the past or present. However it all came with a price for those who decided to see beyond. She'd take a child in the cult to be sacrificed to Crom for a blood offering. But with these rituals, it guaranteed a good harvest for the remaining members of the cult.
On one fateful night, she foretold of two infidels intruding on their territory. Sheena was prepared to dispose of them with her headless horsemen, but Sorcha forayed her to carry out the attacks, for they carried something of great importance to their god. As soon as one of Sheena's traps had been set off, she knew they had to be the ones. 
Eventually, they discovered the two monks, Aidan and Brendan, were carrying one of the Eyes of Crom Cruach! Barael ordered his daughters to capture them alive. But before they could, they sensed another intruder in their lands. 
Sheena then became face to face with Fantasus and they fought. Sorcha knew her sister was no match for the daughter of Morrigan, and soon came to her aid. To her horror, Fantasus was able to hold her ground. But Sorcha knew this wouldn't last long. For Selia, their third sister ambushed Fantasus and all three of them helped take the fomorian princess down. 
It wasn't too long before both the eye and Brother Aidan were in their grasp too, and the three sister subjected both Aidan and Fantasus to torture under the command of their father. While Sheena and Selia relished in their pain, Sorcha and Barael were more curious as to how a mere monk would have gotten a hold of such a powerful relic like the crystal eye. They began interrogating Aidan, and even unlocked his memories to see for themselves wether the monk was telling the truth. There was no knowledge as to how Aidan came into contact with not only one-- but two crystal eyes, aside that they were given to him. But what they did find, only intrigued them even more. Patches of Aidan's memories were missing, cursed off to be precise. When they were done invading the old monk's mind, they decided both would be sacrificed to Crom the following evening. Sheena argued why they couldn't just kill Aidan now since he carried no useful information to them. But Barael reminded all three of his daughters that their next target was Brendan, and by keeping Aidan alive he would be perfect bate to lure him back to them. 

Gluttony: Gluttony II by WhiteFangKakashi300 Envy: Envy II by WhiteFangKakashi300 Lust: Lust II by WhiteFangKakashi300 Pride: Pride II by WhiteFangKakashi300 Greed: Greed II by WhiteFangKakashi300 Wrath: Wrath II by WhiteFangKakashi300

The Secret of Kells © Cartoon Saloon & Tomm Moore
Sorcha, Barael, Sheena, Selia © :icontheunfleshedpne: 
Greed II by WhiteFangKakashi300
Greed II

Greed *Camel*: Jaqueline 
Before she was born, her father tried to kill her mother while she was pregnant with her. But Jacqueline's mother faked her death and gave birth at a performers caravan, where her mother later succumbed to her injuries due to infection. Jacqueline was then taken in by the people in the spanish caravan and was taught how to palm read and fortune tell for money. The one who taught her her tricks was her closest friend, Alejandro. Before long they became husband and wife and she bore him a son, Pedro. She adored her son and would fight for him if given the chase.
However, on one fateful night, Alejandro left her behind and took their son with him without a word. Jaqueline was heartbroken and assumed the worst, he left for another women and stole Pedro too. Ever since then she had trust issues with men both inside and outside the caravan. She kept seeing them as liars and cheats, so she became just as much of a liar and cheater as them in order to reach the top of her pecking order in the caravan. Any new male members would be challenged harshly to prove their worth in their circle. After all, one backstabber in their gang could be the end of them. With that, they'd go around preforming where they could, working together to earn money to get by. However whenever they couldn't make ends meet-- which was most of the time-- Jaqueline and her gang would resort to swindling pickpocketing.  

But on one particular day, Anya the governess, stumbled into her while traveling with a three week premature baby, who was desperate for milk. She couldn't stand hearing the child scream and cry, so she volunteered to act as a wet nurse for little Lola, since she still had some milk from Pedro. As a result, she allowed Anya and baby Lola to stay at the caravan while Jacqueline would became a foster mother to Lola. She was very strict and a heavy drinker, but kept a firm grip on how things were run in the caravan now that their circle was getting bigger and had more mouths to feed-- which meant more purses to cut. However, it didn't take long to discover this was no ordinary child, for she had fire powers. When the time was right, Jacqueline felt this girl could be of great use to her.
Once Lola was old enough, she had her preform as a fire breather to earn money. With the new spectacle on stage, this gathered up crowds town to town. Jacqueline could finally count her blessings with her foster daughter, since the caravan had been struggling to provide food and shelter for everyone in it, since times were dark and folks could't afford to waste time and money on such luxuries when the Scourges and Vikings were invading the boarders. She'd make strict rules towards Lola and how she as NEVER to show her powers outside the caravan and tried to make she she only stayed with them. But when she reached the age of 14, she had vanished. 

This left both Jacqueline and Anya devastated, both had lost important people in their lives and they were not going to lose another. They searched for weeks, until Lola returned with a monk from Iona--- much to Jacqueline's horror. Lola finally told her what happened and Jacqueline was furious. She scolded Lola afterwards for running away, disobeying her orders--- and near lying getting killed as a result. Yet she couldn't deny but hold her close in utter relief to find her alive.
The caravan left and moved elsewhere across the isle. It had gotten to a point to where they had traveled across Europe with all the money they had earned and stolen. The caravan was growing more and more famous with their acts and more members started joining them, like Giacomo the escape artist-- whom Lola fell head over heels for.
But as they moved, Anya finally asked her why they had to travel all the way to Spain? Jacqueline was in fact searching for her long lost son Pedro. She opened up after Anya gave her some more wine to let her upwind, and Jacqueline ended up showing a side she never showed to anyone. It made Anya compelled enough to be her secret lover.  

After days of endless traveling and searching, Lola begged that they return to the Isles. Frustrated, Jacqueline gave up on her search and had the caravan go back. However, when they were crossing Ireland, Jacqueline sensed they were being followed by something. Something she couldn't explain. One one fateful evening, Lola was lured by Barael who was tempting her to join him and his cult. But Jacqueline found them and stepped in to stop him. But Barael was not fazed in the slightest, and attacked Jacqueline.
Killing her instantly!
Giacomo then saved Lola and forced the caravan to flee. Anya and Lola were devastated. But Lola was the passed on the title as ring master of the spanish caravan.
It was years later, one of Lola's sons, Joseph was saved by a man.
A man named Pedro...

Envy: Envy II by WhiteFangKakashi300   Pride: Pride II by WhiteFangKakashi300 Lust: Lust II by WhiteFangKakashi300 Gluttony: Gluttony II by WhiteFangKakashi300 Sloth: Sloth II by WhiteFangKakashi300 Wrath: Wrath II by WhiteFangKakashi300

The Secret of Kells © Cartoon Saloon & Tomm Moore
Jacqueline, Lola, and Joseph © :iconmylittleloser:

Gravity Falls Meme

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 30, 2016, 2:27 AM
~stolen from @Monoceros-Babe

[x] You love mysteries, anomalies, the supernatural, etc.
[/] You're paranoid.
[ ] You seem to scream a lot.
[ ] You have an older twin sister. 
[ ] You care deeply about your sibling.
[ ] You consider your sibling to be your best friend.
[/] You get along extremely well with your great uncle. (Did until he passed away, didn't see him much though)
[x] You want to be taken seriously and seen as mature. 
[x] You're adventurous, smart, curious and a nerd.
[x] You've confessed your love to your crush.
[x] You have a birthmark. (a red one on my chest. My parents called it the strawberry mark when I was young) 
[ ] You've had at least one rival at one point.

Total: 6

[/] You're really energetic and bubbly.
[/] You're really silly. 
[ ] You love sweaters.
[ ] You're very optimistic.
[ ] You have a younger twin brother.
[ ] You care deeply about your sibling.
[ ] You consider your sibling to be your best friend.
[ ] You have an unusual pet. (I wish I did)
[x] A creepy kid has a crush on you. (A lot of them do)
[ ] You've had at least one rival at one point.
[x] You've had multiple crushes.
[/] You want summer to last forever.

Total:  3 1/2

[ ] You lie a lot.
[ ] You love insulting others.
[ ] You love money.
[ ] You hate showing affection.
[x] You have a secret soft side. (I wouldn't say "secret" though)
[/] You've hidden a mystery from everyone you know.
[ ] You have an older twin brother. 
[ ] You care deeply about your sibling.
[ ] You used to consider your sibling to be your best friend.
[x] You once had a fear of heights. 
[ ] You're not interested in the supernatural.

Total: 2 1/2

[x] You keep a journal. (Many to draw in)
[/] You have trust issues. (Now I do...)
[/] You're very adventurous. 
[ ] You're born with a rare birth defect.
[x] You love mysteries, anomalies, the supernatural, etc.
[x] You're adventurous, smart, curious and a nerd. 
[/] You're paranoid.
[x] You went to college. (Currently in College) 
[ ] You have a younger twin brother.
[ ] You used to care deeply about your sibling.
[ ] You used to consider your sibling to be your best friend.
[ ] You get along extremely well with your nephew. 

Total: 5 1/2

[ ] You call people 'dude' a lot.
[/] Most of your friends are younger than you. (Most are older)
[ ] You're extremely eager.
[ ] You live with your grandma.
[ ] You haven't seen your father in years. 
[ ] You're a handyman.
[ ] Your town is weird.
[ ] You love laser tag.
[x] You have a long-distance boy/girlfriend.
[/] You'll eat anything.
[ ] You're childish.
[ ] You're quite chubby.

Total: 2

[x] You seem to be very laidback.
[ ] You're rebellious. 
[ ] Your father is a lumberjack.
[ ] You're the oldest of your siblings. 
[ ] You'd give anything to be 12 years again. 
[ ] Living with your family stresses you out. 
[ ] Your ex-boyfriend wears goth clothes.
[x] Someone younger than you has a crush on you
[ ] Work is boring.
[ ] You have freckles.
[/] You have red hair. (In my roots)
[ ] You read magazines a lot.

Total: 2 1/2


[ ] People tend to avoid you for your incredibly crazy behavior. (God I hope not)
[ ] You've lost your sanity years ago.
[x] You went to college. (IN college)
[ ] You've forgotten a lot of things.
[x] You used to be very sensitive
[x] You used to be unable to handle things that are terrifying or alarming. 
[x] You're intelligent. 
[ ] You enjoy dancing ridiculously.
[ ] You make up odd words and phrases.
[ ] You can play the banjo. 
[x] You've seen terrible sights. 
[/] You're paranoid. 

Total: 5 1/2

[x] You know lots of things.
[x] You've been waiting for something to happen for a really long time.
[ ] You like messing with others.
[ ] You don't seem to care about anyone.
[ ] You have sadistic humor.
[ ] You've betrayed at least someone.
[ ] You like chaos.
[/] You're a quick talker and thinker. 
[x] You're mysterious.
[ ] You're very deceptive.
[x] You're eccentric.
[ ] You're insane.

Total: 4 1/2 

[x You have a crush on someone.
[ ] You tend to intimidate and manipulate others so you can get what you want.
[ ] You have a rival.
[ ] You're rude.
[ ] You like bossing around.
[ ] You're dominant over your parents.
[/] You're cunning and sly.
[ ] You're spoiled.
[ ] You're ungrateful.
[ ] You're selfish. 
[ ] You can be very rude and obnoxious. 
[x] You can be kind when you need to be.

Total: 2 1/2

[ ] You're rich.
[/] You're popular.
[ ] You've had at least one rival at one point.
[ ] You used to be arrogant.
[/] You hate losing. 
[x] You like singing.
[ ] You pretended to be the kind of person that you aren't.
[/] You're often pressured by your parents.
[ ] Your parents are controlling. 
[ ] You used to be afraid of the sound of a bell. 
[ ] Money makes problems go away.
[ ] You like mini-golf.

Total: 2 

Result: Dipper :icondipperplz: 

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  • Reading: fanfictions
  • Watching: the secret of kells and a lot of other stuff
  • Playing: Sims 3
  • Eating: ramen and other good stuff
  • Drinking: milk, sprite, and coffee


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