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Sketch Dump: Slap
An old pic I did during class.
Something bad goes down between Aidan and Brendan in the next upcoming chapter of Shrouded By Mist.

The secret of Kells (C) Cartoon Saloon & Tomm Moore
Apple Family 8 FINAL
8 sections! Oh My GOD!!!
Apple Family part 1 by WhiteFangKakashi300 Apple Family part 2 by WhiteFangKakashi300 Apple Family part 4 by WhiteFangKakashi300 Apple Family part 3 by WhiteFangKakashi300 Apple Family part 5 by WhiteFangKakashi300 Apple Family part 6 by WhiteFangKakashi300 Apple Family 7 by WhiteFangKakashi300

Parents: Apple Rose and Apple Sprout (deceased: old age)
Apple Rose's offspring: Magdalena, Red Gala, and Gala Appleby 

Parents: Apple Bottom Jeans and Oregon Trail
Offspring: Apple Cinnamon and Wensley
Apple Bottom Jeans Sister: Bell Bottom Jeans (Killed by Timberwolves)
Bell Bottom Jeans's offspring: Peachy Sweet and Apple Munchies

Apple Cinnamon's Wife: Red Gala
Offspring: Red June, Apple Squash, and Candy Caramel Tooth

Wensley's Wife: Gala Appleby
(Currently trying for a baby)

MLP © Hasbro  
What was Not Meant to Be Update
Old Version-->  What was Not Meant to Be by WhiteFangKakashi300

A follow up to this 
Lies by WhiteFangKakashi300

Aidan was fond of Ceather ever since they met at Clonmacnoise, she was bright, charming, and compassionate to everyone she met. So by the time they crossed paths again at Kells, it was no surprise his feelings had grown for her. Ceather had grown into a beautiful woman and had overheard the news of Aidan's newly found fame as the master illuminator of Iona and was wanting to reconnect with each other. Before long, Cellach would catch his sister hanging around his best friend--- even more than her own brother. He was aware of Aidan's little crush on his sister, but never thought he would act upon it. He was a brother of Iona was a high reputation to uphold after all. 
During Aidan's stay at Kells, Ceather would accompany him into the woods to help him find berries and quills for his work. Soon the excursions took longer and they'd stay passed sundown to stargaze. 
However little did they know that they were being spied on by Brother Brutus who told Arsalan about their peculiar late night excursions. Arsalan then used this information to plot against Aidan to ruin his reputation at it's most highest just as he had ruined his and spread rumors throughout the brotherhood.
When Aidan had returned to join the brothers at the monastery, he grew suddenly uneasy by the countless stares and whispers. When he was unable to find Cellach, he asked Brother Rory if something was wrong, only to have Brother Rory ask him,
"Is it true you have broken your vows?"
"Is it true you have been sleeping with Cellach's sister, Ceather?"

Aidan's heart sank. He rushed to find Cellach to tell him the rumors were false, but he was then greeted by a firm punch to the face. Cellach was well aware of the rumors that had been disgracing his family and didn't believe Aidan's claims. Ceather then stepped in and tried to reason with her brother, but much to her horror, he only thought she was defending Aidan and disregarded her too. 
Aidan then began wondering who could do this to them and immediately thought of the former Abbot, Arsalan. He confronted the blind monk in the round tower, but Arsalan knew there was nothing he could do to stop it. The former Abbot sneered with his crooked teeth as he sensed Aidan wanting to push him through the window of the tower to his death.

"I know you want to... Why stay as a Brother of Sin, when you can become a Murderer instead?" 

Defeated and powerless, Aidan reluctantly exited the round tower. 
Though it was all a lie, Aidan couldn't help but blame himself every time he heard a man or woman gossip and scoff at the "Whore of Kells". It killed him inside whenever he found Ceather crying. 
Heartbroken, Aidan tried to distance himself from Ceather to avoid adding more fuel to the fire, and began making pans to leave Kells. However, Ceather caught him that night and begged him not to go. 

"Aidan... If you run away now, it only will confirm the rumors."

Aidan held her close, and promised he wouldn't leave her alone to suffer like this. He swore to find a way to help, but he wasn't sure how. 

  Most men in Ceather's village caught wind of the rumors-- about the whore of Kells-- though they had no idea who this monk was. However things changed when a stranger from the north came. Bronach. He too was avoided like an outcast due to him being a former Viking. However the one person who dared come to him was Ceather and before they both knew it, Bronach fell in love with her. He even saved hurt from a pack of wolves when searching for food. 
Aidan took notice and began watching over Ceather in case things turned ugly. But he could see Ceather was starting to have feelings for him too and decided to get to know him. Before long they became friends and Bronach educated him on his Viking background and folklore. When Aidan felt he could trust him enough, he shared what happened between him and Ceather at the abbey. Bronach was understanding and promised to love and watch over her as she deserved.  
In secret, Aidan had them married with the help of Ceather's mother, Torra, who was one of the few people to listen to reason. Aidan knew this would damage Cellach's trust in him even more, but he knew he had to help Ceather in her happiness. 

Later, Arsalan had caught rabies from a rat and plugged down the stairs of the round tower in his madness, breaking his skull and neck. It wasn't too long before Brutus hung himself from the cross of Kells, having no other purpose to continue on living when he's done so much wrong. At his feet he left a paper of his final confessions to the murder of Matthias and proclaiming the innocence of Aidan and Ceather. But by that time, it was too late for Cellach to truly make amends after discovering his sister was now married to a viking and Aidan had been behind it. Although he managed to forgive Ceather, he never saw eye to eye with Bronach and deep down still resented Aidan for causing such disgrace to his family. He still had a spark of jealousy that Ceather put her trust on Aidan instead of her own brother. 

It only got worse years later when Brendan and Aidan suddenly got closer. Like mother like son.   

The Secret of Kells (C) Cartoon Saloon & Tomm Moore

Gravity Falls Meme

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 30, 2016, 2:27 AM
~stolen from @Monoceros-Babe

[x] You love mysteries, anomalies, the supernatural, etc.
[/] You're paranoid.
[ ] You seem to scream a lot.
[ ] You have an older twin sister. 
[ ] You care deeply about your sibling.
[ ] You consider your sibling to be your best friend.
[/] You get along extremely well with your great uncle. (Did until he passed away, didn't see him much though)
[x] You want to be taken seriously and seen as mature. 
[x] You're adventurous, smart, curious and a nerd.
[x] You've confessed your love to your crush.
[x] You have a birthmark. (a red one on my chest. My parents called it the strawberry mark when I was young) 
[ ] You've had at least one rival at one point.

Total: 6

[/] You're really energetic and bubbly.
[/] You're really silly. 
[ ] You love sweaters.
[ ] You're very optimistic.
[ ] You have a younger twin brother.
[ ] You care deeply about your sibling.
[ ] You consider your sibling to be your best friend.
[ ] You have an unusual pet. (I wish I did)
[x] A creepy kid has a crush on you. (A lot of them do)
[ ] You've had at least one rival at one point.
[x] You've had multiple crushes.
[/] You want summer to last forever.

Total:  3 1/2

[ ] You lie a lot.
[ ] You love insulting others.
[ ] You love money.
[ ] You hate showing affection.
[x] You have a secret soft side. (I wouldn't say "secret" though)
[/] You've hidden a mystery from everyone you know.
[ ] You have an older twin brother. 
[ ] You care deeply about your sibling.
[ ] You used to consider your sibling to be your best friend.
[x] You once had a fear of heights. 
[ ] You're not interested in the supernatural.

Total: 2 1/2

[x] You keep a journal. (Many to draw in)
[/] You have trust issues. (Now I do...)
[/] You're very adventurous. 
[ ] You're born with a rare birth defect.
[x] You love mysteries, anomalies, the supernatural, etc.
[x] You're adventurous, smart, curious and a nerd. 
[/] You're paranoid.
[x] You went to college. (Currently in College) 
[ ] You have a younger twin brother.
[ ] You used to care deeply about your sibling.
[ ] You used to consider your sibling to be your best friend.
[ ] You get along extremely well with your nephew. 

Total: 5 1/2

[ ] You call people 'dude' a lot.
[/] Most of your friends are younger than you. (Most are older)
[ ] You're extremely eager.
[ ] You live with your grandma.
[ ] You haven't seen your father in years. 
[ ] You're a handyman.
[ ] Your town is weird.
[ ] You love laser tag.
[x] You have a long-distance boy/girlfriend.
[/] You'll eat anything.
[ ] You're childish.
[ ] You're quite chubby.

Total: 2

[x] You seem to be very laidback.
[ ] You're rebellious. 
[ ] Your father is a lumberjack.
[ ] You're the oldest of your siblings. 
[ ] You'd give anything to be 12 years again. 
[ ] Living with your family stresses you out. 
[ ] Your ex-boyfriend wears goth clothes.
[x] Someone younger than you has a crush on you
[ ] Work is boring.
[ ] You have freckles.
[/] You have red hair. (In my roots)
[ ] You read magazines a lot.

Total: 2 1/2


[ ] People tend to avoid you for your incredibly crazy behavior. (God I hope not)
[ ] You've lost your sanity years ago.
[x] You went to college. (IN college)
[ ] You've forgotten a lot of things.
[x] You used to be very sensitive
[x] You used to be unable to handle things that are terrifying or alarming. 
[x] You're intelligent. 
[ ] You enjoy dancing ridiculously.
[ ] You make up odd words and phrases.
[ ] You can play the banjo. 
[x] You've seen terrible sights. 
[/] You're paranoid. 

Total: 5 1/2

[x] You know lots of things.
[x] You've been waiting for something to happen for a really long time.
[ ] You like messing with others.
[ ] You don't seem to care about anyone.
[ ] You have sadistic humor.
[ ] You've betrayed at least someone.
[ ] You like chaos.
[/] You're a quick talker and thinker. 
[x] You're mysterious.
[ ] You're very deceptive.
[x] You're eccentric.
[ ] You're insane.

Total: 4 1/2 

[x You have a crush on someone.
[ ] You tend to intimidate and manipulate others so you can get what you want.
[ ] You have a rival.
[ ] You're rude.
[ ] You like bossing around.
[ ] You're dominant over your parents.
[/] You're cunning and sly.
[ ] You're spoiled.
[ ] You're ungrateful.
[ ] You're selfish. 
[ ] You can be very rude and obnoxious. 
[x] You can be kind when you need to be.

Total: 2 1/2

[ ] You're rich.
[/] You're popular.
[ ] You've had at least one rival at one point.
[ ] You used to be arrogant.
[/] You hate losing. 
[x] You like singing.
[ ] You pretended to be the kind of person that you aren't.
[/] You're often pressured by your parents.
[ ] Your parents are controlling. 
[ ] You used to be afraid of the sound of a bell. 
[ ] Money makes problems go away.
[ ] You like mini-golf.

Total: 2 

Result: Dipper :icondipperplz: 

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  • Reading: fanfictions
  • Watching: the secret of kells and a lot of other stuff
  • Playing: Sims 3
  • Eating: ramen and other good stuff
  • Drinking: milk, sprite, and coffee


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So who do you prefer with Twilight Sparkle so far? 

41 deviants said Flash Sentry :iconflashsentryplz:
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